We are the service bureau that reaches everyone in America. The new world within between two oceans that consists of four time zones. 500 million people from different nations. From North and Central America, from the Islands to Canada, people are awaiting the teachings of their religions, waiting for a return to their origins.

For the sole purpose of protecting the unattended Muslim believers from despair, the first branch of United American Muslim Association, Fatih Mosque and Madrasah was opened with the struggles of our instructors and a handful of our sincere Muslim brothers to aid this deprivation of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah belief.

Feeling the emptiness of spiritual activity in contrast to the fulfillment of materialistic riches, these facilities in which people find tranquility, a fresh breath, compared to the gardens of Jannah are blossoming one after another. The services of United American Muslim Association has reached starting from the East of the United States in New York, to the far West California, the Northern Illinois and the Southern Texas, and though to Canada. Our instructors teach the Qur`an al-Kareem to the youth of many nations in these individual facilities. They are implanting the Love of Allah, and the faith of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah to their hearts. With the firm belief in this cause, we are exploring America to implement the Ahklaq al Muhammadiyya to the youth. They travel hundreds of miles each day to teach even one person.

Our tasked instructors explain their spirit in the responsibility of carrying this enormous service; “We must become exhausted to we can gain from Hidmet. This cause will expand. the important things is to reach the Qur`an al-Kareem to a few more people. To teach the Ilim, Ahklaq, and Adab that has reached to us from our Prophet to even more people.” We visit families and induvial each and every day without stop with the thirst for finding more students. With this belief and conscious, our youth is learning the Qur`an al-Kareem in these vast facilities across America and Canada. The Muslim youth from all around the world are injected with this belief in these facilities. Aside from the Qur`an al-Kareem services, Islamic services like Nikah, Funeral, Qurbani, Ramadan, Iftar, Hajj, Umrah, services from cradle-to-the-grave are offered and fulfilled in these facilities.

Our Aim